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Apple Sends Out Invites to Fashion Publications, the Last Big Hint for the iWatch?


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Nov 27, 2012
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Tomorrow is the big day, the moment when all the speculation will get dissipated and we will finally see the new iPhone and perhaps the iWatch, in all their glory. Here's one of the latest rumors before the big show. According to a recent story on the Reuters website, a large number of high profile fashion editors and bloggers have been invited to Apple's media event from tomorrow.

Thus, with this move, Apple is said to try and win the favor of the fashion industry for its upcoming smartwatch. Here's what more Reuters had to say on this:

Apple is forging closer ties to the fashion world as it plots its foray into the fertile field of wearable technology, trying to win over a critical crowd that may prove crucial to the success of consumer gadgets worn around the body.

A smartwatch would represent Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook's first real new product since taking the baton from Steve Jobs. Several fashion media editors told Reuters they received invitations for the first time to an annual September product-launch, which they took as confirmation of a wristwatch in the wings.

Lea Goldman, features and special projects director for Marie Claire magazine, a first-time invitee at the event, said the following:

"I assume it's because they are unveiling a wearable.This suggests Apple is serious about tapping into the fashion world, which often sits on the sidelines."

Apple has showed its interest for the luxury market in the past year or two, as it has hired Patrick Pruniaux, former vice president of Tag Heuer's global sales and retail, Angela Ahrendts, former chief executive of Burberry Inc and former Yves Saint Laurent CEO Paul Deneve. So, we can see that the company has managed to gather an impressive team for what seems to be a glorious entry into the fashion world for the iWatch.

It is not just Apple. From Google Inc to LG Electronics Inc and Intel Corp, technology companies are beginning to forge fashion ties. On Friday, Intel announced a tie-up with Fossil Group on wearable technology.

Lauren Indvik, editor in chief for Fashionista and also another first-time invitee, also said this:

"It confirms that they have a play in wearables and that they want to appeal to the fashion world, and not just technology consumers"

So, what do you think of Apple's initiative? Will the company be able to promote its product to rich consumers, as well?

Source: Reuters