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Apple’s new patent describes an iPhone-controlled car environment


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Nov 27, 2012
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Those of us who share a car with different members of the family know how annoying it is to rearrange the car environment after somebody else has used it. However, this situation might become a thing of the past, or at least that’s what the patent application that has been filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Apple seems to suggest.

In it, the tech gia​​nt describes a mobile environment such as a car, which can be customized automatically by an iPhone. The smartphone could register the placement of the car seats, its mirrors, wheels and other functions and then store them into the handset’s memory. Such an invention would surely take away the hassle of repositioning the car’s parts after some other driver made use of the car.

The patent goes on to describe how such a process might be possible. The iPhone will be able to pick up relevant information based on angle measurements, driver positioning and other metrics. Such a system might prove extremely useful in care rental business or in car business which allow for test drives.

The patent extends such a system to a non-mobile environment as well – like a hotel or a home or a television set. Imagine an Apple device controlling every metric inside your home – from the air conditioning system to the temperature you take your water when you bathe.

A system like this would require Apple to team up with a company that would be in charge of designing the car/home parts which would be able to receive and translate commands from an iPhone.

Source: AppleInsider
most cars already have memory seats for at least 2 people

with that, side mirrors are included with memory seats. some cars has memory steering wheel adjustments too.

so the only thing i can think of is, how are they going to make it an automatic adjustment for the rear view mirror when it needs to be manually adjusted?