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Apple Pay Cash in iOS 11.1 is Currently Being Tested by Apple Employees


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Jun 18, 2010
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It looks like Apple Pay Cash is very close to being released, with MacRumors reporting today that Apple employees are currently testing the new person-to-person payment feature in the iOS 11.1 update. According to the sources, the employees first began testing the feature last week, but the majority of those involved in the testing program were only able to start using the feature yesterday. Apple Pay Cash is designed to enable the user to send cash via the Messages app in a similar fashion to Square Cash and other such services.

MacRumors forum member Chuck SaaS has been in contact with an Apple employee who has been testing Apple Pay Cash on iOS 11.1 with an internally distributed device certificate. The forum member shared two screenshots, the first of which shows the set-up screen, and the second of which shows an attempt by the Apple employee to send him money via Apple Pay Cash. The transaction failed because only one of the devices was enabled to use Apple Pay Cash.

Source: Apple Employees Testing Apple Pay Cash Internally in iOS 11.1