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Apple Music Has More Than 54.5 Million Monthly Users


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Jun 18, 2010
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In its year-end report, consumer research company Nielsen has cited Apple Music as one of the most popular smartphone apps of 2015, with more than 54.5 million average monthly users, according to AppleInsider.

With numbers like that, it’s no surprise that the streaming music service managed to place at number 9 in Nielsen’s Top Smartphone Apps of 2015 chart, one place behind Instagram, which had just over 55.4 million users per month, and ahead of Apple Maps, which had 46.4 million users per month, an increase of 16%.

Facebook Messenger came in at number 3 on the chart with 96.4 million users per month, and had the highest growth rate of 2015, representing a 31% year-over-year change. The main Facebook app topped the chart, with 126.7 million users per month, easily beating YouTube’s 97.6 million users.

Various Google apps dominated the chart, with four apps included, thanks to Android’s dominance of the US smartphone market, with 53% of those polled by Nielsen accessing apps from an Android device and 43% using Apple’s iPhone.

Source: Apple Music racked up more than 54.5M monthly users in 2015, study says

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