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Apple Maps always starts in ‘Dark Mode’ [emoji34]!


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Apr 5, 2017
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If, like me, you run your iPhone or iPad permanently in Dark Mode, but are fed up with Apple making Maps always start in Dark Mode, you can use the Automation feature now in iOS14 to make sure it opens in light mode.
Select the maps app in ‘Automations’, which can be found when you open Shortcuts, the ‘Automations’ tab is in the centre at the bottom of the screen, tick both ‘when opens’ and ‘when closes’, select next then search for ‘appearance’, and change ‘turn’ to ‘toggle’.
Set it to run automatically, and it will change Maps every time without altering your permanent dark mode setting.

Don’t worry if you don’t use Dark Mode all the time, as you can still get Apple Maps to start in Light Mode. Just select ‘when opens’ and not ‘when closes’, and leave the appearance as ‘turn’ + ‘light’ not ‘toggle’.

One thing to remember is don’t tick the option to ‘Ask before running’ and this will then do everything automatically.

It’s a pity we have to use a workaround when Apple could have easily put an option in the Maps app.
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