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Apple Launches Beats Powerbeats2 in Apple Watch Sport Band Colors


iPhoneForums.net News Team
Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
After the myriad of announcements at last week's WWDC, one thing that was overlooked was a new set of colors for Beats Powerbeats2. After Apple acquired Beats last year, it would make sense that the wireless headphones would release in matching colors of that Apple Watch Sport's fluoroelastomer bands.

The Bluetooth-powered Powerbeats2 are now available in black, white, blue, green, and pink. As our readers may know, the Apple Watch has 8GB of internal memory, making it perfect to take to the gym, leaving the iPhone back at home. As somebody who doesn't own wireless headphones, I still carry my iPhone 6 Plus in my pocket while at the gym, and I can tell you it's a hassle.

Although these new colors match the many Apple Watch Sport models out there, there has been a ton of controversy regarding the bass levels within the Powerbeats. Many have also complained that the wireless headphones don't look very appealing when worn. Either way, the Powerbeats2 are now showing up in these new colors at Apple Stores and can be purchased for $200.