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Apple is Fortune’s Most Admired Company For 11th Straight Year


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Jun 18, 2010
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9to5 Mac reports today that Apple has just been proclaimed the most admired company in the world by Fortune for the 11th year in a row. In contrast, Samsung dropped off the list last year after its exploding batteries issue, and hasn’t returned this year. The remaining companies joining Apple in the Top 10 are: Amazon, Alphabet, Berkshire Hathaway, Starbucks, Walt Disney, Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, FedEx, and JPMorgan Chase.

Other companies further down the Top 50 include Netflix, Facebook, Salesforce, IBM, Accenture, Intel, and AT&T.

Here’s what Fortune had to say about how it picked the winners this year:
“To select our 50 All-Stars, Korn Ferry asked 3,900 executives, directors, and securities analysts who had responded to the industry surveys to select the 10 companies they admired most. They chose from a list made up of the companies that ranked in the top 25% in last year’s surveys, plus those that finished in the top 20% of their industry. Anyone could vote for any company in any industry.”

Apple came top in all nine of Fortune’s “key attributes of reputation,” namely:
  • Innovation
  • People Management
  • Use of Corporate Assets
  • Social Responsibility
  • Quality of Management
  • Financial Soundness
  • Long-Term Investment Value
  • Quality of Products/Services
  • Global Competitiveness 1
Source: Apple enters second decade heading Fortune’s list of the world’s most admired companies

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