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Apple is About to Become the World’s Biggest Smartphone Manufacturer


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Jun 18, 2010
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MacRumors reports that according to Taiwanese market research company TrendForce, Apple is set to oust Samsung as the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer in the fourth quarter of 2017.

TrendForce says that it expects Apple to post a 19.1% market share in that quarter, which takes in the holiday season, putting Apple ahead of Samsung’s expected 18.2% market share.

Huawei, OPPO, and Xiaomi, all from China, are set to take the remaining spots in the chart of the top five global smartphone brands by worldwide market share.

This would be a remarkable feat for Apple considering that it has very few smartphone models on the market, in comparison with Samsung, which has over 12 different smartphones on the market, including models that at $200 are much cheaper than what Apple has to offer.

TrendForce notes that Samsung’s smartphone sales are being “squeezed” thanks to the popularity of Apple’s latest offerings, and in particular, the iPhone X. So strong is the demand for Apple’s latest phone that the company is expected to report record-breaking revenue of $84-$87 billion for the holiday quarter, beating the previous record high of $78.4 billion in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Source: iPhone X Should Push Apple Ahead of Samsung as World's Largest Smartphone Maker