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Apple Image Not Damaged by Antenna Gate Say PR Experts


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Jun 18, 2010
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PC World has grabbed some PR gurus and canvassed them for their opinion on "antennagate", with the overall results being reasonably positive in Apple's favour. "I think after a real slow start, they've done very well," crisis management specialist Jonathan Bernstein told PC World, adding that although Steve Jobs initally came over as a little uncaring, in his opinion, in the end Apple manage to limit potential damage to its image by finally being frank about the problem and providing a solution. Bernstein also told PC World that it helps that Apple already has such a positive public persona: " The best defense against it is to have a strong cushion of good will already established. Apple has that." However, Bernstein was less impressed with the way in which Apple tried to involve other phone makers, actually naming names in the process. "Pointing fingers at other people is never a first line of defence unless other people have deliberately and directly harmed you."

PC World also spoke to Jim Lukaszewski, another crisis communications and PR expert, who was of the same opinion as Steve Jobs, i.e. that the whole antenna incident had actually been blown out of proportion. "This company is really a model in handling these kinds of problems, because they do what they're supposed to do as soon as they're capable of doing it," commented Lukaszewski.

Bernstein's final point is actually a very good one. He said that people have such high expectations of Apple products, that when something does go array, people are more shocked because it's so unexpected.

Source: PC World
so many people where still buying it, i dont think this has hurt their image at all. because not every one had this issue only people in poor carrier signal areas
The biggest issue for most people is lack of availability, not a common antenna problem that exists across platforms.
the majority of people still wanted it , issue or not !....
ezactly and most people did not even have the issue.. just the net made it bigger then it was and anti apple and **** head gizmodo idiots.. pardon my french
With third quarter earnings of 3.35b, I don't think they r hurting at all, and if they r, it's because they're taking that money 2 the bank....;)