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Apple has Recruited Dolby Executive Vice President to Boost its Audio and Display Technologies


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Nov 27, 2012
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Recently, Apple has been on a hiring spree which was mainly due to the advent of the Apple Watch. Rumors also pointed to new employees which are allegedly involved in a secret car project. Now, according to a fresh report coming from 9to5Mac, it seems that Apple has hired a new high-level executive, but not for the above mentioned projects.

The company has recruited Dolby Executive Vice President Mike Rockwell to become an executive in its hardware division, a move which is probably meant to better Apple's display and audio technologies.

Rockwell could have an essential role in improving the audio and display performance of future Apple products, such as next-generation Apple monitors and professional audio/video editing tools to speakers. Author Mark Gurman further adds:

"Rockwell is one of Apple’s most notable hires from the audio and display space in recent years, but he is not the first. In 2011, Apple hired Thomason Holman of THX and LucasFilm fame to run its audio hardware division, while in 2014, Apple hired audio engineers Dana Massie and Peter Eastty. Combined with its Beats Electronics acquisition in 2014, it seems likely that Apple is working on a significant restructuring of its audio products, ranging from computer speakers, to headphones, to audio software."

Source: 9to5Mac