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Apple earns more from accessories & iTunes than some companies from selling phones


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Nov 27, 2012
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If you are a true Apple fan, you will not only own an iPhone, iPad and Mac but you’ll also have the entire range of accessories provided by the Cupertino tech giant, Whether we’re talking about a wireless keyboard or headphones, or protection cases, accessories are a big part of Apple’s success. As a matter of fact, a new study showcases that the tech company makes more out of accessories than most companies make from their mobile device sales.

Don’t believe us? Just look at the figures. At the last quarterly earnings call, Apple states that it cashed in from iTunes subscriptions/purchases and accessories more than $5.5 billion. Compare that number to the phone revenues from rival companies like Nokia, Motorola, Sony, RIM or HTC and they pale instantly, as none of them fared above $5 million.

The analysts who authored the study, Horace Dediu, pointed out that Apple makes more form iTunes than its overall Mac sales.

“iTunes+Accessories combined is a bigger business in terms of revenues than any of the other phone vendors except Samsung. iTunes is now Apple’s fourth largest business, having overtaken the iPod in revenues two years ago. iTunes growth relative to the Mac means that it could become the third largest business during this year.”

Morgan Stanley analyst Scott Devitt sheds some more light on the sources of Apple’s immense income. He reveals that Apple gets about a billion dollars a year from Google in order for Google to be the default browser on iOS devices.

Source: MacRumors
Source 2: Asymco


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Aug 15, 2012
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Accessories has always been the real money maker in the mobile industry, which is why carriers end up having devices for free or pennies when you start or renew a contract.
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