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    Can you beat a Dragon?? Type invite code 946-117-533 for an ultimate beginner package.

    QUEST through an epic medieval fantasy world where you slay DRAGONS, BATTLE enemies, and participate in exciting GUILD BATTLES with friends!

    - Slay fierce dragons, bloodthirsty beasts, the undead, and more!
    - Rob and battle your enemies to the death!
    - Participate in guild battles and win valuable rewards!
    - Utilize fairies to bring back items from distant lands!
    - and much more!

    - Works with iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, iPod touch 3rd & 4th generation

    - Requires iOS 5 or later
    - This is an ONLINE ONLY game. You must be connected to the Internet to play.



    By using this invite ID 946-117-533 you will get
    *Royal Seal in order to gain new warriors you meet.
    *Gold Box Key use to unlocks the Gold Secet Box. 6 - 7 star, even 8 star warrior included
    *Experience Book. level up your warrior
    *Elixir Recover 100% Energy, Health and Stamina
    *Arachnid Axe Weapon +500 Atk
    *Viper Helmet Armor +500 Def

    Personal tip no.1:
    Even 4 or 5 star cards may give terrible stats upon level up. If the stat jump from level 1 to 2 is around 90 overall (increase in atk+ increase in def) then it is probably decent. The best indication is level 2 to 3. If the stat increase is between 50 to 60, that is a card worth spending exp books on. Don't waste exp on Leech Dragon.

    Personal tip no.2:
    Although other players cannot see your defence stats when looting, they can see how many warriors have been assigned to defence. Ideally both your attack and defence stats are similar, but it is still possible to bluff by having a decent number of warriors assigned to def and having a high attack stat.

    Personal tip no.3:
    Save up potions for events, and use them wisely. Also join a good guild, but don't forget to pick up the guild collected warriors (collecting 1000 of each treasure collection, only happens once per guild) before joining a high ranked guild.

    Personal tip no.4:
    There is a Lord of the Dragons wiki, but it isn't easily found on Google unless the word "wiki" is put into the search bar.

    Personal tip no.5:
    If you are looting treasure for a collection, you will want to loot two pieces per 5 stamina so that if one is looted from you, at least you retain one while recovering from injury.

    Personal tip no.6:
    Use the reward system to help upgrade safe level. For example, from level 10 to level 11 safe level, you can only safely store 40,000 gold, whereas the cost to upgrade is 100,000 gold. By claiming a total of 60,000 gold rewards at the right moment, you can easily safely upgrade your safe.

    Fun events and great rewards. Join with your friends. Just type invite ID 946-117-533.
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