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App Share: Find My Facebook Friends for iPhone and iPad


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Feb 8, 2012
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This app is very similar to Apple's Find My Friends. Thanks Leanna Lofte for making differences of the 2 apps clearly below with using this app on own iPhone 4S and new iPad.

1. Find My Facebook Friends allows sharing your location with people from Facebook.

If you’re concerned about privacy, you can rest knowing that Find my Facebook Friends gives you a lot of options when it comes to sharing your location. You can choose to only share with certain groups you have set up on Facebook or with specific friends. You can also take the opposite approach and choose to share with everyone except the groups and people that you specify. You can similarly set up Find My Facebook Friends to notify you when someone is nearby.

2. Watch your friend travel on the map

you have to refresh Apple’s app to see an updated location. While stalking checking Rene’s location, I was able to see that he was driving down a road and the dot for his location was moving along the road quickly and smoothly. My biggest complaint was that if I wanted Rene’s name to pop up over his bubble, the app would force me to zoom in really close to his location. I could zoom out afterwards, but then it would automatically zoom back in. This was rather annoying.


Source: iMore - Now you can share your exact location with friends and family with Find My Facebook Friends for iPhone and iPad

Find My Facebook Friends

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