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App(s) that you regret buying the most?


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Aug 19, 2010
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So I just bought an app that I was really disappointed in. And that's what stimulated me to create this topic lol.

The award goes to: Scrabble
I love word games, and Scrabble is good, but it really doesn't do any good compared to Words With Friends.
1) it's not Game Center compatible
2) You can't play online via WiFi/3G
3) Words With Friends - $0
Scrabble - $3.00

What are your experiences in the past?
I think my award would have too go to some emoji app that was like $.99. Before I knew all the free ones did the same thing......
maybe its just me but i highly regret buy PMessenger lol. I think I was in my I miss my BBM phase (kinda still am) waste of $.99 IMO
I forget the name but I purchased a camera app for my iPhone 3GS which claimed to take better photos. What a waste.
Mine was free video downloader and free mp3 downloder
2.99 for the "free" mp3 downloder
1.99 for the "free" video downloader
Some Chinese game that promises cute bunnies and lots of fun but turns out to be a fluke