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App for parents - Baby Monitor & Alarm


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Dec 24, 2011
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We have recently updated our app for parents -easy to use but powerful Baby Monitor & Alarm. It has some unique advanced features like sleep routine monitoring or ability to play mummy’s voice or sweet dreams song. The new update contains long requested Night mode


Main Features

  • Phone Alert – when there is a noise in your baby's room, the 'Baby Monitor & Alarm' will call you on any pre-selected phone number (and it does not have to be an iPhone!)
  • Mum's Voice – the 'Baby Monitor & Alarm' is able to play any song from the iPod library or you can even record your own voice, which is then replayed to your baby whenever it wakes up and becomes noisy. Normally this puts your baby back to sleep again (this is an optional feature)
  • Sweet Dreams – every baby loves to hear a song or a fairytale when it goes to bed. Our latest application can manage this! Just select any media from the iPod library or record your own voice, and the 'Baby Monitor & Alarm' plays it first and then starts with automatic monitoring (this is an optional feature).
  • Activity Log – you will know exactly what happens during night. The 'Baby Monitor' records every noise, so that you can later replay it or forward it to an email.
You can find more infromation on
Baby Monitor & Alarm for iPhone and Android - About

We are looking forward for your comments and ideas regarding Baby Monitor ;-)

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