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Angry Birds Seasons to Get an Easter Update


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Jun 18, 2010
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MacStories reports today that according to several tweets on the @RovioMobile account, the egg-cellent Angry Birds Seasons will be getting an ¬ďamazing¬Ē Easter update. Rovio says that it will be posting a preview of the new features soon, but as MacStories says, it¬ís probably not too hard to guess what they will entail! Pigs in Easter bonnets, possibly, maybe an influx of angry or chuckling bunnies, and how about some cute fluffy chicks? Undoubtedly an assortment of decorated eggs will also be scattered around the levels, just to make things even more festive. Over the past year, Angry Birds Seasons has had some fantastic themed updates, celebrating Halloween, Christmas, Valentine¬ís Day, and most recently, St. Patrick¬ís Day. Rovio really seems to have found a great way of keeping the franchise updated with new ideas to keep the fans happy, and there¬ís no sign of anyone being tired of Angry Birds yet, with the recent astounding figure of 10 million downloads in 10 days for the Angry Birds Rio movie tie-in. No word as yet on a release date for the Easter Seasons update, but Easter is not until April 24 this year, so it could be a week or so before we hear anything.

Source: MacStories Angry Birds Seasons Will Get "Amazing Update" for Easter

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