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Amazon Drops Pebble Steel Smartwatch to just $169.99


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
Earlier in the week, Pebble had a nice price drop for its popular smartwatch of the same moniker from $249.99 to just $199 for the Pebble Steel model. But the Steel model wasn't the only thing to get some discount-love, as the plastic base model of the Pebble dropped down from $149.99 to just $99.99.

Well if next year's Apple Watch just isn't for you, or if you feel the need to buy a smartwatch now, there's even more great news regarding the Pebble Steel. If you decide to go with the Steel model, Amazon has dropped the price of the device another $30 to just $169.99.

Unfortunately for me, I'm still rocking the "Kickstarter Edition" (plastic) version of the Pebble. Once I saw that the company was releasing a steel model, the plastic model began to look super cheap to me. The Pebble is still a great watch, but to get that true "watch" feel, the extra simoleons for the Pebble Steel is the way to go.