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Amazon Adds CarPlay Support to its Popular Audible Audiobooks app


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Nov 27, 2012
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Amazon's Audible audiobooks app has been updated with support for Apple’s CarPlay feature. The new version of Audible’s iPhone app has been released and it will automatically appear on CarPlay head units once installed on your iPhone. Here's how the entire changelog of version 2.5.0 looks like:
  • CarPlay is now available for Audible!
  • Lock Screen/Control Center – previously, the Lock Screen/Control Center buttons were always chapter forward/back, even if your settings were for 30-second forward/back. Now, your lock screen/Control Center will feature the correct icons.
  • Sleep Timer – there is now a “Reset Timer” option after the sleep timer ends, reducing the number of taps from 4 to 2; the fade-out returns.
  • Discover – on iPhone, we’ve updated the visual design by removing the dark overlay and going to a grid ; on iPad, we’ve replaced “Discover” with a true browse experience (it used to just be search). It should now mirror the iPhone version.
  • When you sample a book from a book detail page in “Discover” or search, it now plays in the player. This allows you to leave the detail page and still listen to the sample.
  • New Tab Bar – we moved Settings into the main navigation and created an overflow menu (on iPhone) for the items that no longer fit on the main tab.
To make use of this update, go ahead and follow the link from below to download the official Audiobooks from Audible app from iTunes.

Source: iTunes

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