AirPods and voice recognition

Discussion in 'iPhone 7' started by cfclay, Nov 10, 2017.

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    I read reviews that the AirPods were excellent at voice recognition. Any users out there care to comment?

    Also, I wonder about the delay that I experience using Bluetooth devices and voice recognition. For example, if I’m using my current wireless earbuds- we’ll, first of all, I can’t press any button on the earbuds and get Siri to work. But if I press the microphone on the keyboard to speak to text into a message... there is 3-4 second delay before speech recognition starts. Is it like this with all Bluetooth devices, even AirPods?
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    I recently purchased a pair of Apple AirPods for my birthday. They’re brilliant and much better than I ever expected.

    On my first street walk with them on (in public), I double tapped on the right AirPod and asked Siri to “play my Woralks playlist”.

    Siri promptly replied “Playing your Worakls playlist”........and the music flowed (starting with Salzburg).
    The same command to my Apple Watch previously often proved abortive in a busy street. The AirPods had NO problem resolving my speech in the same conditions and complying with my request.

    T’was a pleasant revelation. Pricey? Yes, but worth every penny!!
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