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AIRelaxation App Aims to Help Nervous Flyers


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Jun 18, 2010
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With people all over the world currently flying off on vacation, there are bound to be lots of nervous flyers clutching their iPhones and iPod touches and listening to music to try and keep themselves calm during the flight. If that sounds like you, you might like to try this interesting relaxation app called AIRelaxation, created by hypnovisualist Dr. Norman Miller. At $2.99 it’s certainly a lot cheaper than a session with a real live therapist!

The app is designed to help those suffering from flight phobias to reach a state of deep relaxation, both mentally and physically, and take the stress out of flying. It uses a hypnovisualization technique that employs guided narration to inspire visual images, and includes soothing alpha rhythm sounds.

The main program consists of three short hypnovisualization exercises – a 20 minute one for listening to at home before setting out for the airport, a 10-minute pre-takeoff exercise, and pre-landing stereo audio tracks to listen to during the flight.

Fear of flying can really mess up your vacation if you let it, so it’ll be interesting to hear if AIRelaxation actually works.

Source: Hypnovisualization