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A few questions


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Oct 6, 2015
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I have a few serious questions. I have an iphone, as does my husband and I have an ipad. All three are under the same account.
If I want to be able to see the imessages on my ipad from his phone, and I click on his number either on my ipad will he get a pop up screen so he knows that a setting was changed? It was already done once where the ipad was getting the messages, so it isn't anything new, like a setting so to speak.
Also is it at all possible to be able to get the text messages also sent to the ipad?

I know the questions sound shady but it is serious.

Thank you


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Aug 22, 2015
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I'm not sure. But I think you can. You can get his photos, his emails, the apps he downloads, etc. Why not his iMessages
Try to add his mail on you iPad then text him and see if you'll receive the message.
And he wont see what you do, but he might get a mail saying that you're email address has been added to another device.
So, follow those steps when you have his phone next to you and he's in the shower or asleep.
And delete the email they send as fast as you can.
And there is this other thing. If he cheats on you he wont be using iMessage, knowing you both use the same apple ID. He will have Viber or whatsapp or any other app of this kind - both easy to delete messages without bringing them back.
Hope your husband doesn't cheat on you! Really.

i have a client whom has an
iPhone 6 with ios9. When he receives a phone call his wife receives the history of his call on her iPhone. Is this an iMessage issue any ideas how to fix it

Thanks Colin

Just found this, ha-ha. You can follow even his calls. phone call history | Apple iPhone Forum
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