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A few qeustions with using open ssh on iphone 4


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Sep 18, 2010
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First off my mac is running on osx 10.4.11 ( i know i need to run snow lepoard), I recently got the iphone 4.o that was just jailbroken a few days ago..

I wan to learn how to open the ssh so I can use customize themes and battery options..
I am using yummy tool free trial.

I was able to change my root password on my terminal, and then connect via Port 22 to my iphone's ip address (I think) using my wifi connection..

Now I just can't seem to put anything on my iphone or in the least find it on my iphone..

Sorry to cloud your board with my antics...Usually I really attempt to hammer out tech problems myself but now I'm stuck...

Sorry to bother you all and if i can get through this I promise to help the next lost soul like myself that comes along.

Thanks a ton

Ok not sure if im asking the wrong question or just in the wrong place..

either way I finally am able to get into my iphone 4...I will gladly show anyone how to ssh into their iphone no problem.

Now does anyone know how to get a battery icon to change out?