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windy miller

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Jan 27, 2019
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i guess the 5 series is old hat but i bought a non working one from flea bay with a view to trying to fix it for my son to have, screen broke but thats the easy bit, phone was stuck on the apple logo and even at forced reset via itunes software would halt at 75% ish download, then i tried a you tube trick of using a hair dryer on the back and bingo software fully downloaded, so home screen up but top left stated searching with or without sim card. tried all the toggling of airplane mode and reset network etc etc but then tried hair dryer again to the point the phone issued heat warning and hey presto tesco mobile comes up but when it cools down switch it off then on and it goes into searching mode again, has anyone a permanent fix ?? as ensuring one carries a hair dryer at all times isnt practicable lol
anyway thanks in advance


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