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4.0 (3g) iphone jailbreak


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Jun 15, 2010
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Looks like dev team has released a tool for 4.0 but not for the 3gs and well as you know the first gen iphone does not have the 4.0 update..

if your interested full details are here:

Dev-Team Blog
Thanks for the heads up. I was trying to jailbreak mine all day yesterday only to be disappointed. Now I just jailbroke mine and it's working great. Thanks.
no worries, wont be long until 3gs and probably iphone 4 has a jailbreak too, once dev team can get their hands on a device
Pwning 4.0 on New Bootrom 3G w/3.1.2 SHSH Blobs -- [ VIA @iH8sn0w ]
Thanks to planetbeing bluerise and sergiomcfly and others if i forgot no we can run iphodroid on iphone first gen and iphone 3g fully unlock for mac only you can dowload iphodroid rc12 @ IPHODROID Download - iPhone with Android follow them on twitter and donate if you can have fun with your new on locked iphodroid
What would be good is a hack to put osx on the iPad , not that I have one but I might of got one if apple put it on there and not iPhone os