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2 exchange accounts sharing same outgoing setting??


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May 24, 2011
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any help is appreciated as i'm not as literal with the iphones as i want to be.

this is work phone connecting to exchange 2007. 2 exchange accounts on the iphone4. 1 for internal access to email when i'm on the internal wifi and the 2nd for when i'm not on the internal wifi.

i had to set up 2 accounts cause the server names won't resolve when i'm on the internal wifi. when i only had one, i would use the WAN server address and it works great but when i jump on the work wifi then it won't resolve cause i'm inside the network. to solve this i create a 2nd account with the LAN server address and just swap between the two accounts depending on where i physically am.

the problem now is that when i send out emails, it will only use the LAN settings. so as soon as i leave the range of my work wifi, i can't send emails. i can receive them on the WAN account.

***update***: does the iphone only use 1 universal outbox? gosh i hope not! i notice that when my emails don't go out, they're stuck in just the one outbox on the mailboxes screen where i see all the accounts (same screen the universal inbox is showing up).

any ideas? where do i change the outgoing server or address for exchange? shouldn't each account use its' own settings?

any help would be appreciated!

here are my server settings:

account 1 (WAN): mywanaddress.com/microsoft-server-activesync
account 2 (LAN): myexchangeserver/microsoft-server-activesync

it's always using account 2 to send out and that messes me up when i'm in a WAN location. is this fixable or am i screwed?
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