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17-years-old gets $30 million for an iPhone app


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Nov 27, 2012
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Journalism may never be same again. Not if British high school goer Nick D’Aloisio’s gets away with it.

The 17-year-old might be one of the richest teen agers in the whole world. He just sold the iPhone app he created when he was 15 for the whopping sum of $30 million. With investors like Asthon Kutcher and Wendi Murdoch, Yahoo had no second thoughts when it struck the deal with the teen.

The app is called “Summly” and it takes your average article, composes a 400 word summary out of it and then delivers it on your iPhone. We can see how this application might have been useful for a kid in high school, but the repercussions of this thing going viral are huge.

Nevertheless, Yahoo is said not to use the app per se. Instead, it will try to integrate its algorithms into a project it has had for so​​me time. Sadly, this project too involves the death of journalism and creativity. Apparently, Yahoo is working on replacing writers with robo-journalists who’d work fast and efficient. Unlike their human counterparts. That’s one theory. The other one revolves around new Yahoo CEO Marrisa Mayer and her fresh strategy of herding the mailing service towards the mobile ecosystem. Under her watch, the company purchased some small mobile startups.

D’Aloisio is now hailed as one of the hopes of the new generation of entrepreneurs. For the moment, he is still living in England with his father, who works at Morgan Stanley and his lawyer mom. The teen is planning to go to university at Oxford. The future certainly looks bright for the young man.

Source: CBS News


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May 25, 2012
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The Great State of Michigan
I heard this on the radio Wednesday morning and just couldn't believe it! What a fantastic story for this young person! He seems to be on his way to a very talented and gifted journey. Good for him! :)


Apr 21, 2012
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That's great news. Before 4 days, one of my friends told me about this news. Congratulations!!

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