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  1. J

    Meaning of numbers in iPhone 6 weather app

    In my iPhone 6 weather app, the city is displayed at the top of the screen, with the temperature below it, and the day (for example, "Tuesday Today") below it. To the right of the day are two numbers. The first one is a number in white font that is high and the one to the right of it is a number...
  2. G

    Fail in adding location in iPhone weather app

    Hi guys, Today I wanted to add another location in iPhone weather app. I couldn't do it. What's more, it didn't suggest the cities :( Can you help? Greg
  3. Michael Graubart

    Weather app. — can no longer add cities

    The Weather app. that came with my old iPhone 3G (iOS 4.2.1) continues to update and show the weather for the various cities I selected. But suddenly I can no longer search for and add new cities. Can this have to do with Apple's recent switch from Yahoo! to the Weather Channel as source for...