water damage

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    some sound gone after little water on phone 6s

    hi guys please help :( my phone got caught in a little water in my handbag not like i dropped it fully in the sink. i didn't realise till 11 hours later that some sound had gone so my phone is currently sat in some rice to try and dry anything out. what works - get a ringtone sound upon people...
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    Will the battery from a water damaged phone still work?

    I had an iphone 6 about 18 months and foolishly dropped it into the toilet. I tried to dry out etc and then when it wouldn't switch on, I took it to a local place and they said that the board was fried and it was game over, no icloud backups / sob sob / lesson learnt. Fair enough. Fast forward...
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    Q:iPhone 6 Plus network antenna and cameras/flashlight unresponsive after water contact

    Q: iPhone 6 Plus network antenna and cameras/flashlight unresponsive after water contact. What is the likelihood that soaking logic board in alcohol will fix the issues? Please help! Hi all, About a month ago, the top of an iPhone 6+ (64g) may have allegedly been submerged in water, resulting...
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    When Do You Believe Apple/Mac

    Bought a new Iphone 6 in mid November 2015 at the Telstra Shop in Cairns, Queensland, Aust - within the month the Iphone refusing to operate - replaced with a so-called new Iphone 6, which I doubt. Within 4 weeks the same problem occured - swollen battery - off to Apple/Mac - $500 to fix. Their...