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  1. Michael Graubart

    Wallet: scrolling

    I have iphone SE with iOS 12.1. I have loaded one item (a store card together with my credit card) into Wallet. In order to find apps that will work with Wallet, I am instructed in various instructions and websites to 'scroll down'. But I cannot scroll up or down. If I click the + icon, I get...
  2. Maura

    Target Launches Wallet Payment System Via its iOS App

    Target has today announced a new Wallet feature for its iOS app, which explains why it is still resisting taking Apple Pay payments in store, although you can pay with Apple Pay in the online Target store. The new Wallet feature enables Target customers (or “guests,” as Target calls them) to...
  3. Michael Graubart

    Eventbrite and Wallet

    I have the Eventbrite app and Wallet on my iPhone SE with iOS 10.0.3. I have booked a concert ticket in Eventbrite and the ticket has duly appeared in the app. In the app, 'Add to Calendar' is shown, but 'Add to Wallet' is not. So how can I show the ticket in Wallet? Thanks in anticipation of...