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  1. DaveM

    Copy photos and videos to Windows 10 PC

    EDIT: After creating the post below I found a free tool from EaseUS called MobiMover that accomplished this easily. No, I have no stake in the software, but if moderators think this post needs to be removed no hard feelings. I love my iPhone but sometimes Apple seems to make things so hard. :(...
  2. Y

    Is there anyone alse want to download videos and photos on Instagram?

    Hello guys, Is there anyone else want to download videos and photos on Instagram? I'm using iPhone and search this kind of apps on AppStore, but can't find better app. If you know any, tell me!
  3. A

    upload video from pc to iphone and use in Telegram

    hello , i buy iPhone 6s a few days ago and really amateur on this i want to copy some video files to my phone and then send them to telegram chat i install ITunes in win7 and upload videos to library and sync it . after this i check the videos app in phone and i can see all of my clips here...