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    Transfer data from one Iphone5 to other Iphone 5

    I just received an iPhone 5 to replace a malfunctioning one. I transferred my sim card, but It appears as if my phone number did not make it. No one can call me. When I try to access voice mail it acts as if the request is coming from another number. I am ancient and the Iphone world is...
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    iPhone 6 transferring photos problem.

    Hi, first ever post as I really need help (before I end up smashing the phone up)! Okay so the short way of explaining the problem is that my my phones memory is full so therefore I need to delete the photos/videos off it. However I obviously want to keep the photos before I delete them so need...
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    iphone transfer contacts and apps

    hello i have an iphone 5 that is jailbroken on ios 6.1.2 and i am now purchasing the iphone 6s. how can i transfer all my files from one phone to the other, more importantly my contacts?