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  1. Maura

    New Custom Caviar iPhone X With Solar Panel Costs $4,500

    If you’ve been thinking about buying an iPhone X and find yourself having the odd $4,500 to spare, then why not treat yourself to Russian accessory maker Caviar’s newest custom iPhone X, the ‘Tesla.’ According to 9to5 Mac, the phone features an integrated solar panel and secondary battery, along...
  2. Maura

    Tesla Selling iPhone Cases Made From Remnant Leather From its Car Interiors

    9to5 Mac writes that luxury car maker Tesla has launched a line of iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s Plus leather cases and wallets that have been fashioned from off-cuts of automotive grade leather used to make the leather upholstery in its cars. For Tesla, it’s a win-win: promote your brand while...