1. S

    How do I get photos off my phone?

    I've got a ton of pics on my iPhone 4S and I want to get them all off. I could install a cloud service, but it'd take forever to upload them all. I tried connecting it to my Win7 laptop, and heard the chime indicating it detected a USB connection, but nothing happened after that. I dunno, my USB...
  2. DaveM

    Google Drive question

    I would like to use Google Drive as a place to move photos from a phone to in order to free up phone space. I don't want to sync between the phone (or any other device) and Google Drive, just want to store the photos there. Down the road I will likely want to move more photos to Google Drive...
  3. DaveM

    iCloud Drive questions

    I'm having trouble getting my head around iCloud Drive, and the difference between it and iCloud. I've read the Apple information and FAQs, but am still confused. If an iPhone or iPad is filled with photos can they be moved to iCloud drive, freeing up space on those devices? It seems like iCloud...
  4. S

    iPhone 6 Plus Exchange Appointment Issues

    I work in an IT Service Center and I have a customer who has an iPhone Plus. She has Exchange set up on her phone to sync with her Outlook account which works fine except for Calendar additions from her phone. When she adds an event to her calendar it shows up on her phone but disappears after...