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    Support: recorded Voice Memo with headsets that were not in the same room

    I used Voice Memo to record an important interview. Unfortunately, my headsets were connected via Bluetooth and placed in a different room. During the recording, it thus recorded everything said in that given room, but not in the one where I sat interviewing. Is there a chance that the Iphone...
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    Ringtone Issues

    Hi, I installed all of my old ringtones from my Iphone 7, assigned some to contacts as well as selected one for my general ringtone. They all confirm the sounds in the settings panel, then when the phone rings, none of the designated sounds work. I get the Apple ringtones that I've never heard...
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    iPhone deleted all of my photos

    Over the past few months (since October 2016), my iPhone 6 has been rebooting itself (as though I'm pressing the power and home button simultaneously). When the phone restarts, all of my apps appear as normal, but my pictures, videos, and music are all gone. Slowly, they restore themselves...