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    Shortcut IF statement not completing actions

    I have a shortcut that I have created to complete different mobile data setup actions depending on where I land on a plane... basically if I land at home, set mobile voice and data to primary, turn on mobile data, etc; if I land in Mexico, set mobile voice and data to Mexico, turn on mobile...
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    Glitch Issue when changing between apps on landscape mode

    Hi guys, have any of you had this issue? When ever I use the home button double click when in an app on landscape mode, it glitches/spazzes before becoming normal. Please let me know, I am trying to bring it to Apple's attention. It has happened on two of the phones I have used so far. Also know...
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    custom shortcut buttons

    Hello friends! I would like to have a custom button on my iPhone6 to take me to my personal website. Safari allows me to create said shortcut but doesn't permit me to edit the button itself. I found two third-party sites to almost get me there -- but not quite. One permits me to use one of...