screen protector

  1. Maura

    Kawasaki Robot Can Fit Your iPhone Screen Protector Without Any Bubbles

    AppleInsider reports that Kawasaki has been showcasing a new industrial robot called “duAro,” which appears to have discovered the secret of how to apply a screen protector to your iPhone without leaving any trapped air bubbles underneath. In a demonstration of its skills at Pepper World in...
  2. R

    Dollar Store, tempered glass screen protectors

    Hello Has anyone used the Dollar Store, tempered glass screen protector on their I phone? They seem to get pretty good reviews on the Internet. Even when compared to the much more expensive models and brands. What's your experience with them? Thanks
  3. RS17185

    Screen Protector for iPhone 7 Plus

    On all my previous phones that I have owned, I have always had the some sort of Zagg screen protector installed. It was nice because, If for some reason you need to replace the screen protector, you'd just walk in and pay $5 to get a brand new one installed. I went to there website last night to...