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  1. H

    Screen Protector Replacement

    I broke my screen protector this week, but it protected my phone. Unfortunately, I had purchased the protector from Apple who does not replace for free. Two previous times, ZAGG replaced my iphone protector AT NO COST! Use ZAGG and get a free replacement. Let the buyer beware!!
  2. W

    Lost phone, can I restore backup from itunes to replacement phone?

    Hi, Today I lost my iPhone 5s, it was insured with O2 and on the immobilise register. O2 insurance are sending me a replacement iPhone, (a 6), can i restore the backup from itunes to the replacement? I have it set to backup every time I plug it into my PC so it was last backed up yesterday...
  3. W

    Replaced screeen, phones on screen and ringer doesn't work

    I had a buddy who fixes phones do my screen & after he replaced it he plugged it in to see if the screen worked before setting it in, it showed the charge battery symbol and died and neither new or old screen or ringer has worked since and I had been password locked out but it pops up when I...
  4. MrFrank92

    "Battery information will be available after using iPhone for a few minutes"

    My iPhone 6 starts saying this and didn't really let me see the battery's percentage of usage. I don't know exactly if it could be related to the fact I had my battery replaced about 10 days ago, but my sister too replaced her battery and did not have this glitch. Does anyone know something...