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    iPhone 6s Earpiece speaker inoperable after opening iPhone

    Hello I'm a noob, haha well here's what happened I opened my iPhone 6s to unplug/plug the battery and I did fix the issue I had Well now, the earpiece speaker on the phone won't sound I have the assumption that the ribbon by the earpiece was mistreated or ripped as I opened it but I...
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    Iphone 6s Plus Help

    Last week i got my iPhone 6s Plus. Im on ios 9.0.2 and the phone is jailbroken. Today i was at the gym and dropped a dumbbell on the phone and the screen and home button are cracked and my charging port is caved in so i cannot un jailbreak or charge my phone. I was hopping to take the back to...
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    iPhone Vibrates Every Few Seconds When Plugged In

    I have an iPhone 5. I was charging the phone with a charging case whilst listening to music on bluetooth speakers on Fri 28th night. The phone did heat up. On 29th Sat morning, the phone was working find but randomly shut off whilst I was using it. I was able to turn it back on and reuse it...