1. B

    iPhone 8 256Gb Keeps rebooting

    Hello to all, I have a new to me iPhone 8 that wont stop rebooting. Had it taken to a shop and they replaced the IC part. Issue is not resolved. After they kept it for 4 days and said they didnt see any issue? I have it now and there is definitely an issue! The phone is barely with a scratch...
  2. Maura

    ICU Equipment in Hospitals Said to be Causing Some Random Apple Watch Reboots

    9to5 Mac writes that it has heard from several Apple Watch Series 3 users that their watches are randomly rebooting when visiting, or working in, the intensive care units (ICUs) of hospitals. According to the 9to5 Mac reader who reported about the issue, his wife got an Apple Watch Series 3 for...
  3. ccgreen


    How do you do a hard reboot w/ touch ID on iphone 7. - Also, this was a great trick - and don't know how this works either: To shut down all your open apps, you might know that you can double-click the iPhone's home button and swipe up on each one in the app switcher. For a shortcut (and a way...