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  1. M

    Does iPhone X get too hot?

    I just purchased an iPhone X. My phone gets pretty hot ... when using it and especially when wirelessly charging it. My car ('17 Camry) has a built-in QI charger. But, the iPhone X gets hot enough to cause my car's charger to get an error (shutting down the charging). I know that it is the...
  2. Maura

    Belkin Launches New Range of Wireless Chargers

    With CES 2018 happening in Las Vegas from next Tuesday, January 9, 9to5 Mac reports that Belkin has announced additions to its Boost Up range of Qi-standard wireless charging pads. The Apple Store currently only has two iPhone wireless chargers available, with one of those being Belkin’s...
  3. Maura

    More iPhone 8 Schematic Leaks, Revealing Qi Wireless Charging Coil

    Cult of Mac reports that another purported iPhone 8 schematic has leaked via Chinese microblogging site Weibo, and this latest drawing has much more detailed labelling than the two previously leaked schematics. The drawing clearly shows a dual-lens front camera as well as a dual-lens rear...