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  1. G

    No data plan, Find my iPhone doesn't work.

    Hi I'm an iPhone newbie. A relative has slight dementia. They also have an iPhone 6 with no data plan. We have installed "Find iPhone" in case they get lost but it only seems to work on wifi. Is a data plan necessary? Since my car GPS works without wifi or cell service I thought GPS was...
  2. MakaylaRob

    New here!

    Hey y’all, Apple user and fan since 2010. Recently upgraded from 6s Plus to the X. Thought I would join this forum to read about some tips and tricks with the X. Thanks for reading :)
  3. pvols1979

    Intro: pvols1979

    Hello, everyone. I am not brand new. I actually joined a few weeks ago, but I haven't been very active. I am trying to be more consistent because I do like this community and I am always trying to figure things out with my iPhone. I have an iPhone 7 Plus and my previous phone was the 6 Plus...
  4. I

    I'm a new iPhone user, came from the Android camp.

    Newly arrived from the Android camp, I recently tried an iPhone 4s that I bought used, and a few days ago I upgraded to the iPhone SE. I'm on T-Mobile. I had Samsung phones for years, but after trying an iPhone I like it better, especially the longer lasting battery. I had a Galaxy S4 previously...
  5. midorfeed


    Hello boys, I'm Katerine :) I love tech, games and devices as well. I'm a gamer and my favorite game is League Of Legends! I'm looking forward to participating! :rolleyes: