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  1. Barbara D Vega

    Hello hello hello!

    many greetings to everyone! I am barb and this is my first post. introduction is important. Lets get to meet everyone. I joined because i wanted to learn more things as an apple enthusiast. i hope i am welcome here. thanks a lot for having me here. :p:oops::):)
  2. iPutz

    Howdy Y'all

    Ive been active one of the other iPhone forums for several years and have been laying in the weeds here for a few months and like what I see so I decided to join. It never hurts to have more than one place to get info from and I'm looking foreword to participating here.
  3. I

    Hello everyone

    I use iPhone for 5+ years and still find something interesting, so I decide to join this forums to find more and help others meanwhile.