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  1. teasleyj

    Music Plays After Call Ends

    I apologize if this is addressed elsewhere but I cannot get a straight answer anywhere. When I end a call that either I made or received, my Music starts playing as soon as the call ends. I was not playing Music before the call, and it always goes to the same tune. While I can turn off the...
  2. HunnieBunnie

    iPhone, Mac, and Music

    I was looking at the box in which I received my 5s today. The earphones are still wrapped up. I have never used them, but I was wondering, if I upload some of my CDs to my Mac, can I then transfer the songs from the Mac to my iphone? If so, what is the procedure to do that, please? Thank...
  3. Maura

    Apple Reaches Deal for Songs With Warner Music Group

    Bloomberg Technology reports that Apple has signed a new song deal with Warner Music Group, its first deal with a major label since launching Apple Music 2 years ago, according to Bloomberg’s sources. This gives Apple access to the Warner Music Group music catalog, including the likes of Ed...
  4. DonMecca81

    iPhone 7... Lightning DAC's

    Does anyone know much about DAC's (digital to analogue converters) and have any recommendations when it comes to ones with lightning adapter connection and aren't battery pack powered headphone amplifiers? Looking for lightning adapter and powered by phone, not 3.5mm headphone jack and battery...
  5. Y

    Headphone music app problem

    My iPhone 5s used to pause my music when I unplugged my headphones or aux cord. Now it completely stops the song instead of pausing. Also, my iPhone now automatically changes the volume to 50% whenever I plug in headphones again. How can I fix these two very annoying issues?
  6. C

    Reset iphone without deleting music.

    I want to gift my iPhone to my niece along with all the music I put on there, over a thousand songs. But I want to delete everything else, contacts, pictures, passwords, browsing history, my phone number, banking and credit card info, etc. Is there an easy way to do this?