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  1. HowardBrazee

    iPhone sees old and new Mac

    My wife got a new iMac and migrated everything over. After installing, it she texted fine from her Mac to iPhones - but it took a couple of days to try sending to an Android phone. I found the trouble - going into her iPhone 7+ IOS 11.0.3, to settings, messages, Text Message Forwarding...
  2. P

    App for Combining advertising text messages

    Hello, I'm from India, and I do get lots of advertising messages and also various notifications from Banks, etc. the problem is I get the notifications from different advertising name. E.g. AD-Bankname, VK-Bankname, AT- Bankname. As you can see the first 2 characters are different but the...
  3. M

    SMS Recipient Appears as Number, NOT Contact Name

    Hi, Having a strange issue with my iPhone 6 since getting iOS 9. I am currently on the latest 9.3.1 update. The issue I am having, is as: When I receive SMS messages. They display on the lock screen and in banner, but they do not display the contact name, only the number it is from, so for...