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  1. AßRasive

    Adjustable keyboard height?

    Hello I'm brand new to iOS and was seeking a good quality keyboard that I can adjust height on? So far the stock you cannot and Microsoft's word flow does not increase in height either any help? Thank you.
  2. KevinJS

    How to... use keyboards shortcuts.

    There will be times when you want to type a character that does not appear on your keyboard. The purpose of this thread is to show how you can type characters with just a few keystrokes using keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts, once generated, will propagate themselves throughout your Apple...
  3. Maura

    Microsoft iOS Keyboard Will Have One-Handed Mode

    AppleInsider reports that Microsoft is already testing its Word Flow mobile keyboard for iOS, with the early version being tested featuring a one-handed operating mode. In the original report in The Verge, sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans said that the iOS version of Word Flow will have...