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    No sensor after replacing iPhone5c screen

    Hi All, I replaced an old iPhone5c faulty screen which does not display anything with a replacement LCD and can now see pin-code display but is unable to swipe/enter pin code. Where is the sensor located? Not sure if the sensor was damaged or should the replacement screen come with a new...
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    Why can't I make calls using other devices and messages won't sync?

    Hi all, Recently I damaged my iPhone 5C, so my husband lent me his (exact same model) to use. I restored the phone to factory (not from my old backup), used my old SIM card, set it up with my iCloud and Mac ID and mostly it works just like my old one. BUT, since then, I'm not able to make calls...
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    Another 5C Storage Thread

    The model number is MGFJ2LL/A. It's a 8GB 5C I think. The storage is driving me crazy. Drilling down Settings ------> Usage -------> Storage I see: Used 5.4 GB Available 0 Bytes I click 'Manage' and see lots of stuff that adds up to about 520 MB. I have no idea what's going on and can't seem...