1. J

    A menu popped up on my Iphone and now I can't use touchscreen

    So today in the afternoon my mother pressed on some kind of a button on her iPhone. She has iPhone 13. The menu looks like a hand and when you open it up you have some kind of arrows. Now I tried to press on the hand gesture and I can't use the touch screen anymore. I have tried to shut the...
  2. N

    Can Iphone 13 get scratched on a wireless charger? How to check if there are scratches?

    I put my new Iphone 13pro without case on a plastic lamp with wireless charger and while trying to find the wireless spot I was moving the phone front and back many times and realized the cameras are touching and rubbing against the plastic. Is it possible to scratch it this way? And how to...
  3. shinigamii

    Essentials for iPhone 13

    Best of my choices Others Skins & screen protectors from gadgetshieldz Moft snap-on stand & wallet with Magsafe Rolling square tau battery Apple: Apple Magsafe charger Apple watch Airpods or beats studio buds Airtag Apple Silicon Or Leather cases
  4. shinigamii

    Is there any Adblocking applications that works decent?

    Hey fella's I'm looking for Adblock application that runs decent.