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    Is it the motherboard or the battery that is dead?

    I have an iPhone XR that I bought when they came out. Yesterday I noticed that my plugged-in phone hadn´t been charging and that it was on 1%. So I plugged it in using a different cable and adapter, but it still didn't charge. I tried restarting the phone, but the battery was too low so when I...
  2. S

    Apple Maps bloat with Carplay?

    Hello All, My phone is iphone XR. I'm having an issue that I cannot solve... When I use Apple Maps connected to Carplay, the "documents and data" storage for the app bloats. For example: - I removed the Maps app and reinstalled. Documents and Data now at approx. 56 MB - Used the Maps app...
  3. J. A.

    iPhone XR photos

    For our members taking pictures with an iPhone XR. Keep them coming! :)