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iphone 8 battery

  1. P

    need help after battery replacement

    Hi all hoping someone can help me or point me in the right direction, I replaced the battery in my bosses iPhone 8 and then it required the passcode after being restarted but my boss has forgotten his passcode. The problem now is the battery seems to have gone flat and nothing will charge it as...
  2. N

    IPhone 8 Plus and Chinese car charger?

    berly got this phone iphone 8 plus. love this phone, but im worried because i was on 2% battery life and i used a off brand 10amp car charger to charge up up to 23% and i dont know if car chargers do damage to my phone or are safe to use, a guy told me that in can swell up my phone or cause...
  3. iDan

    Reports of iPhone 8 Battery Issues

    Reports from a few iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus buyers have suggested there could be an issue with the battery inside some of the devices swelling, causing the case of Apple’s new iPhone to split open and expose the smartphone’s internals. Apple has now confirmed it is looking into it, although a...