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iphone 6 broken

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    6s Suddenly stopped working.. Help!

    My Iphone 6s is a couple years old but MINT condition (been in a lifeproof case since day 1) Battery was at 99% when the screen suddenly went dark. I can still receive notifications (sounds) it still rings and I have even answered it and talked. Now you would think screen, BUT; the lighting port...
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    IPHONE 6 wont connect to celullar

    I have iphone 6 and i have problems with gsm signal. So I can not connect to the network, celullar. I reset all settings and this did not help. So I tried to repair it myself and dismantled the display, press harder everything. The signal returned for one hour. What can be exchanged? Sorry for...
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    iPhone 6 screen spontaneously cracked!!!???!!!?

    So about 5 minutes ago, I pulled my iPhone 6 out of my pocket and I saw that the screen was completely cracked. Like absolutely 100% cracked. This was not here before. Earlier, I sat in a car from point A to point B on my phone (20-minute car ride). It was completely fine then, no hairline...
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    Q:iPhone 6 Plus network antenna and cameras/flashlight unresponsive after water contact

    Q: iPhone 6 Plus network antenna and cameras/flashlight unresponsive after water contact. What is the likelihood that soaking logic board in alcohol will fix the issues? Please help! Hi all, About a month ago, the top of an iPhone 6+ (64g) may have allegedly been submerged in water, resulting...
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    iPhone 6 Very bad issue

    Hi, few days a go, my iPhone decided to stop working. First of all I can't remember if the phone turned off, or when the battery went flat, the problem started But the problem is, the screen is black, when you plug the charger in, or any charger, the red power logo doesn't come up, I can't...